Name: Nakamura Chie
Birthday: May 14, 19??
Birth Place: Tokyo, Japan
Blood Type: B

Nakamura Chie seems to be a relatively unknown seiyuu; the number of roles in anime she plays can be counted on two hands. ^^; This kind of suggests that she's new to the anime seiyuu world, but I can't really be sure. In any case, she does an excellent job of bringing Sakura's character to life. ^^

Dual! - Yayoi Schwael
Gankutsuou - Eugenie de Danglars
Gilgamesh - Kiyoko Madoka You're Under Arrest (Movie) - Minae Yasuda
Weiss Kreuz (OAV) - Reina
Zoids: Fuzors - Sweet

Sakura's english voice actor is Rachael Lillis, who is best known for her roles as Misty and Jessie in Pokemon. Since I haven't heard her performance as Sakura yet, I'm afraid I can't make any comments about it. I don't think Ms. Lillis is a bad voice actor, so I have a lot of hope for her in Naruto. ^^

Gravitation - Ayaka Usami
Kare Kano - Miyako Miyazawa, Aya Sawada
Pokemon - Misty, Jessie
Shoujo Kakumei Utena - Tenjou Utena, Chuchu
Slayers - Martina