Naruto is a series that contains many characters of different personalities and Sakura has had the chance to interact with many of them. This section will detail Sakura's relationships with other characters, but only with people who are very important in Sakura's life.

Yamanaka Ino
It might be hard to tell that Ino and Sakura are actually best friends, since they're constantly bickering all the time over Sasuke, the boy they both have intense crushes over. Their friendship goes a long way back, Ino being the one who gave Sakura the gift of confidence. Sakura seems torn between looking up to Ino for inspiration and wanting to surpass her best friend so that she no longer feels like the timid girl she used to be before Ino came along. I think that although Sakura respects Ino, she wants to prove to her that she can grow stronger without any help.

As the series progresses, it seems that Ino recognizes that Sakura has a better chance of ending up with Sasuke than she does and also recognizes that Sakura has grown considerably, having witnessed it for herself as Sakura battled the Sound-nin Zaku and later herself in the final Chuunin selection exams. Both girls would go to extreme ends to help each other and they do deeply care about each other, regardless of how they usually act together.

Uzumaki Naruto
Sakura originally sees Naruto as nothing more than a nuisance who was poorly raised due to a lack of parentage and enjoys getting in her way with her relationship with Sasuke. She claims that she can't stand him and constantly criticizes him for his imperfections and behaviour. Naruto, on the other hand, has had a crush on Sakura since the moment he saw her and despite the cold attitude he receives from Sakura, never gives up on her.

Despite her criticisms, Sakura often found herself relying on Naruto whenever Sasuke failed. She slowly begins to see that Naruto is growing at a rapid pace and finds that she has been hypocritical, criticizing Naruto when she was barely able to do anything herself. She starts being nicer to Naruto, recognizing that he's stronger than her no matter how she looks at it, and even begs him to stop Sasuke from joining Orochimaru because she couldn't do it herself. She begins to see Naruto in a new light, after realizing that Naruto makes a "promise of a lifetime" to bring Sasuke back, despite having strong feelings for her himself (which she has finally picked up on by that point).

In "Naruto Part 2," Sakura has grown considerably as a shinobi and as a woman, and when she sees Naruto for the first time after three years, she's impressed with how much he has matured and gains a new respect for him. Although, some things never change as she's quick to throttle him after he claims he's been developing perverted ninjutsu... ^^;

Uchiha Sasuke
Needless to say, Sasuke is the object of Sakura's affection. Sakura's obvious crush on Sasuke starts out as being nothing more than a school-girl obsession but once she is teamed up with him, Sakura begins to see Sasuke as more than just a cool, good-looking guy. She begins to understand him as a complex person who carries a large burden and her silly obsession slowly turns into deeper feelings. On a number of occasions, she runs with concern to his side when he is hurt or enthusiastically praises him for his victories.

Sasuke, as introverted as he is, couldn't stand Sakura when they first were teamed together. Her constant displays of affection for him were something that Sasuke found to be annoying, especially since he could probably tell that Sakura only liked him because he was popular and cute. However, as the number of adventures they share grow, Sasuke became more tolerant of Sakura and grew to care for her as well.

Hatake Kakashi
At first, Sakura is completely unimpressed by Kakashi, despite him being a Jounin and her sensei. She takes him as being somewhat of a joke as he falls victim to Naruto's chalkboard eraser prank on their first meeting and continues to be late on a regular basis. So, when she first sees Kakashi's abilities, she's pretty shocked and gains quite a bit of respect for him immediately.

As for Kakashi, it seems that he was slightly irritated by Sakura's obsession with boys at first but recognizes her for her intelligence and excellent chakra control. He would put his own life on the line to protect Sakura (as well as Naruto and Sasuke of course) and in "Naruto Part 2," views Sakura as an equal instead of a student.

Rock Lee
Upon first seeing Sakura, Rock Lee decided that he would instantly proclaim his love for her, asks her to date him and tells her that he will protect her with his life! Obviously, this didn't go over too well with Sakura, who was extremely put-off by Lee's weird appearance. "Repulsed" is probably the best word for her reaction. ^^; However, when Lee does risk his life protecting her in the Chuunin exams, Sakura begins to see past Lee's strange outer appearance and she gains a respect for Lee's strength and devout loyalty to those he considers important since these are traits that she wishes to improve on herself.

As time passes, Sakura begins to grow more indebted to Lee and visits him regularly while he's in the hospital. While she'll never return Lee's feelings for her, she does seem to consider him an important person herself.

At the end of "Naruto Part 1," Tsunade accepts Sakura as her apprentice and begins to teach her medical ninjutsu (and then some). It is through Tsunade's teachings that Sakura becomes a woman to be feared by her enemies. We don't really know too much about Sakura's relationship with Tsunade, but we do know that Tsunade was very strict with her teachings... enough to make Sakura really not want to anger her. ^^; There's no doubt that Sakura feels as if she owes a lot to the fifth hokage, else she would still be the girl who could do nothing on her own in battle.

Tsunade seems to see a bit of herself in Sakura, both having important people that they wanted to protect. She see's Sakura's desperation to save Sasuke as a reflection of her own desire to have been able to save the important people in her own life. The two really are quite similar, right down to their temperaments. ^^