Name: Haruno Sakura
Age: 12 (15 in "Naruto Part 2.")
Birthday: March 28
Height: 148.5cm / 4'10"
Weight: 35.4kg / 78lbs
Blood Type: O
Seiyuu: Nakamura Chie

Haruno Sakura can be considered a typical teenage girl; she's popular and cute although she cares too much about her looks, is obsessed with the most popular boy in her year and has no time for boys who are idiots. This is Sakura exactly as we meet her for the first time in Naruto when she is put into a three-man team with Uzumaki Naruto and Uchiha Sasuke. We learn that she is the object of Naruto's affection but to be frank, she's a bitch. She yells at Naruto to move so that she can sit next to her object of affection (Sasuke), and completely treats Naruto like dirt. However, karma quickly comes back to her as she in turn is rejected by Sasuke and she realises that maybe she should be a bit nicer to Naruto.

In her group of three, Sakura is often overshadowed by both Naruto and Sasuke. During battles, it's often the two boys who engage the enemy, leaving Sakura behind to watch. She doesn't take part in battles and doesn't get the chance to grow as quickly as the others and she often resorts to applauding Sasuke on his victories and reprimanding Naruto for messing things up or not being as good as Sasuke. This earns Sakura a lot of dislike from fans of the series... what right does she have to reprimand Naruto for not being perfect when she herself rarely does anything? However, she does begin to realize this on her own. She realizes that she has no place to tell Naruto that he's lousy when she is barely able to hold her own against ninja who are far more powerful and she feels bad about it. Her character is the one who probably grows the most in the series!

However, it can't be forgotten that Sakura is a skilled ninja in her own right. She graduated from the academy with perfect scores, has an amazing understanding of ninjutsu and genjutsu, and has impressive control over her flow of chakra. When it comes to controlling her chakra, Sakura's actually better than either Naruto or Sasuke!

As the series progresses, Sakura grows to be a more understanding person... she becomes less superficial and more aware of what it truly takes to be a ninja... she comes to an understanding that it takes more to be a ninja than reading text books and in "Naruto Part 2," she becomes considerably stronger (a moment that all Sakura-fans must have enjoyed)!