Sakura is extremely talented at controlling her chakra and performing genjutsu techniques. All of the techniques she uses before becoming Tsunade's apprentice are genjutsu based and are mostly basic techniques that are required of graduates from the academy. Unfortunately, she is not given the chance to develop her skills as a shinobi as much as Naruto and Sasuke, and has no unique jutsu until she decides to train under Tsunade.

Three years after beginning her training with Tsunade, Sakura has gained a considerable amount of knowledge when it comes to medical jutsu and has also learned how to hold her own in battle. Not only does she end up having the same brute strength that Tsunade wields, but she also is able to figure out her opponent's attack patterns and evade them with quite a bit of agility, as it is a medical ninja's duty to not be hit by the enemy (else, who would heal them..? XD).

Henge no Jutsu
Sakura uses this genjutsu to transform her appearance into that of someone else. She doesn't really seem to use this technique after graduating from the academy but she was able to use it with no trouble at all.

Bunshin no Jutsu
A popular genjutsu among ninja. Sakura uses it to create one or more "shadow clones" of herself. These clones aren't corporeal at all, so they usually disappear after one hit and can't really be used to fight. Sakura uses it to confuse her enemies.

Kawarimi no Jutsu
Another very popular genjutsu, this is the technique that Sakura uses most often before she trains with Tsunade. Kawarimi no Jutsu allows the Sakura to switch places with an object in the area, so that the object will take a hit from the enemy for her. She uses this to confuse her enemies or as a setup for a surprise attack.

Used to dispel genjutsu, the use of the Kai technique by Sakura demonstrates her talent with genjutsu, as it is a technique that only Chuunin-level ninjas or higher are able to use. Sakura uses this to ensure that she does not succumb to the enemy's own illusions and to bring her companions out of the illusions.

Brute Strength
Not necessarily a technique on its own, Sakura builds up the maximum amount of chakra into her fist and then releases it the instant her fist makes contact with whatever - or whoever - she's punching. This is a demonstration of her excellent chakra control.

Chiyute no Jutsu
Sakura uses this to generate a small orb of healing chakra, which she uses to heal wounds on either herself or another person. This is a common ninjutsu among medical ninja.