Serendipity was brought into creation on July 29, 2005. I had been tinkering around with the idea of creating a shrine to one of the characters in Naruto for some time and admitantly, Haruno Sakura was not originally on the top of my list. No longer than a year ago, I used to utterly hate Sakura's character; I was annoyed at how much of a hypocrite she was and how she could do nothing but call after Sasuke. It wasn't until much later on that I began to appreciate her character and understand her better... It wasn't until chapter 236 that I really began to like Sakura and with every passing chapter featuring her, I grew to like her more and more... to the point where I could look back at the earlier chapters and understand her actions better.

I finally decided to just go ahead and make a shrine to Sakura since I liked her so much (nevermind the fact that I had nothing better to do that Friday evening... XD) and in about two week's worth of work, was able to open the site up for public viewing on August 15, 2005.

As for the name of the site, it was pretty hard choosing a title that really fit and also sounded pretty cool. It was definitely a challenge! I had originally thought of "Knives Out," but soon after settled on "Serendipity" because of its definition. Wikipedia says "Serendipity is finding something unexpected and useful while searching for something else entirely." When applying this definition to Sakura, you can really see how it's a perfect word to relate with her. ^^

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